Who is LilChief?

About Lilchief

My name is Trace.  I grew up mostly in Beloit, WI.  “Central City” – the traffic point.  I feel like I saw my whole life before it happened. As a kid, the second oldest of four boys to a single mom, I moved from city to city, somehow always ending up back in Beloit.  I spent a lot of time in the backseat of my mom’s car with the music turned all the way up.  My mom was a hip-hop child.  She had me at a young age, so we kind of grew up together.  Her life was crazy.. After my mom was fatally wounded in a severe car crash, we settled in Beloit.  I spent the majority of my teen years skateboarding, smoking weed, sellin anything I could to make a dolla, and being “God’s gift to women”.  During those years I did it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I seen many things I will never forget.  I’ve been writing songs about those experiences ever since. After graduating high school in my hometown, I moved to Madison, WI to be apart of the recording program at Madison Media Institute.  The days were long.  I took 3 busses to school during the weekdays and walked many miles.  Between my classes, my part-time mcdonalds job, and the thrill of being in a bigger city, sleep was something I barely knew. I suppose I’ll have time to sleep when I’m dead.. Maybe.

Shortly after moving to Madison, something terrible happened…  In August of 2011, my best friend Bilial Lamir Hammette went missing from my hometown of Beloit, WI.  He still has not been found to this day and local law enforcement has done nothing to help find him.  These events rocked the boat of my life like a violent storm.  We are still searching for answers. While in Madison, in efforts to cope with the disappearance of my best friend and musical partner, I worked on tons of music.  I wrote and recorded many songs.  From 2010 to the present I have released seven underground mixtapes.  My heart, hunger, and soul can be heard in those tapes.  I stood on dozens of stages, opening for TYGA on both his Careless World Tour and his Closer To My Dreams Tour. I opened for J-Cole, Young Jeezy, ScHoolBoy Q, Isaiah Rashad, AudioPush, Stat Quo, Vince Staples and more.  I built a loyal fanbase from house parties, live music venues, and skateboarding events.   It’s been a fulfilling journey so far. The most recent project I put together was “Chief TWO” Hosted By: DJ PAIN1.  Its the second installment of a series of mixtapes I am working on.  It chronicles the eye openings of a small city stoner and his relationships with those around him over some familiar jams.  Check it out. Im working on new music now.  The new music I am working on reflects some of the harshest moments in reality and the ability to overcome them.  These moments seem all-too common in the daily human experience, yet they are rarely visualized or felt beyond the person experiencing them.  I hope that it serves as an inspiration for my friends, family, and fans as well as motivation to keep pushing.   When you get knocked down, you gotta get back up.  I’m a skateboarder.  We know all about it.  Life is Good – God is Great!.